Radio Top 20 songs for the week ending March 22, 2019

1. Delilah Holliday / Baxter / Etienne De Crecy – Tais Toi
2. Crystal Method – Ghost In The City
3. Medicine – Machine Inna Garden
4. Karen O & Danger Mouse – Woman
5. Film School – The Celebration
6. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – The Garret
7. Black Cab – Take It
8. Sleaford Mods – Kebab Spider
9. Ty Segall – I’m The Man
10. Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind – Sex Robot ** New Add to Rotation **
11. Jon Spencer – Beetle Boots
12. Jean Michael Jarre – Infinity Movement Six ** New Add to Rotation **
13. Cave – San Yago
14. Comet Gain – I Was More Of A Mess Then ** New Add to Rotation **
15. She Past Away – Katarsis
16. Goon Sax – A Few Times Too Many ** New Add to Rotation **
17. Gaz Coombes – Walk The Walk
18. Wild Nothing – Oscillations
19. Real Estate – Stained Glass
20. Graham Coxon – Bus Stop

A tribute to Mr James Newell Osterberg Jr (AKA Iggy Pop), a true Underground Star. Music by Black Cab from the album “Jesus East”


December 1982 Phil Oakey of The Human League is the cover star of “The Face” magazine. Feature interview with Phil as the Human League are at the height of their fame and success.


35 Years ago Trouser Press magazine brings out the big guns for the October 1983 issue (volume 10 issue 8). 
Duran Duran on the cover plus feature interviews from The Eurythmics, Thomas Dolby, Andy Partridge from XTC and a full page review of the Talking Heads latest release “Speaking in Tongues”.


The early 80s Octobers of Peter Gabriel. We’re not sure if this is coincidence but our  Director of Fact Checking Keithy-George pointed out that in October of 1981, ’82 & ’83 Peter Gabriel had a lot of activity going on.

The first item comes from the Autumn/Winter 1981 edition of the “Gabbleratchet” (The official Peter Gabriel Fan Club newsletter). This issue deals with the current status of Peter’s next album (his 4th self titled aka Security). The newsletter came with a membership application to his fan club “FOG” or “Friends of Gabriel”.

The second item is an interview from October 82 issue of Sounds weekly. This was done just after his 4th album (Security) had been released.

The third item is from October 83 issue of Sounds weekly. This is an interview about the recently released album “Peter Gabriel Plays Live”.

41 Years (October 20, 1977) The Sex Pistols make the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and get a massive 8 page feature story about the band and this new “Punk Rock” movement that has swept through the UK. Clearly a sign that young generation has lost any semblance of hope for the future. The Sex Pistols and the new genre of music and fashion (if you can call them that) openly reject all the music that’s come before it as well all areas of the establishment. And openly praise Anarchy and Chaos.
The article talks with the band, their supporters and try and understand what all this means, why how did this happen and who is to blame. A lot of great photos of the John, Sid, Steve and Paul and their supporters, some who would go one to become artists in their own right. Of particular note is an early (clearly airbrushed) photo of Siouxsie Siox (with her name misspelled) and in the background of the photo of “Sue CatWoman” (with her name also misspelled) behind her on the right) you can see a bewildered looking Marco Pirroni (soon to be guitar player for Siouxsie and then Banshee then Adam and the Ants).
After you read about this new phenomenon can you honestly say you disagree with the UK press who labeled the movement as the “End of Western Civilization ? God help us all.

Song of the Week.

From our playlist of rare music clips. 25 years ago (Sept 1993) The The perform an invitation only live show as a warm up to their tour to promo the Dusk album. Here’s a rare live version of the title track from their debut LP “Soul Mining”.

1983 was a busy year for Gary Numan. He released his 7th album (in 5 years) “Warriors” in August. An album that on paper should have been great. Bill Nelson was hired to produce.
Gary was a big fan of Bill’s guitar playing and his band Be Bop Deluxe. Unfortunately Gary found out quickly that he and Bill didn’t work well together.
So the recording sessions were a mess with a lot of disagreements. Gary ended up being so unhappy with the results that he went back and completely rerecorded a couple of tracks with out Bill. He also pulled some tracks that were supposed to be on the album and replaced them with songs that were originally rejected by Bill.
In the end Bill Nelson wanted his name taken off the credits. On top of all this there were management changes at WEA and Gary dropped to the bottom of the labels priority list. This was also the first album NOT to get released in the United States.
Gary toured of the UK in Sept & Oct to support Warriors but the chips were stacked against him and he was dropped from Beggars Banquet after the tour and started his own label “Numa Records” which was the beginning of the “dark times” for Gary’s career.
This is all really unfortunate. I always really liked this album. Here’s the original 1985 UK pressings of the album and the 2 singles “Warriors” & “Sister Surprise”. I’ve also included some press clippings. As you can see they clearly felt he was already “uncool” and a “has been”. It’s great to see that 35 years later Gary is still going strong.    C
lick on the image to see all the details.

Music Trivia

28 years ago in the Fall of 1991, issue 17 of Propaganda magazine. Lots of Gothic Rock big names. Including a 3 page feature on the Sisters of Mercy and their new album Vision Thing.
click on the image to see the full article.


In September 1983 the first single (This is the Day) from The The’s debut album was released in the UK to be followed by the release of Soul Mining in October.
Truly a classic of the “Post Punk/New Wave” era. It’s hard to believe it’s 35 years old. 
Here’s an original print ad for the single from September 10, 1983 issue of Sounds weekly newspaper along with a 7 page feature from Mojo magazine on the history of the enigmatic Matt Johnson.

Music Trivia

35 years ago August was a busy month for activity in the world of Alternative Music.  We’re even sure where to start really so we’ll just list the events and you can check out the photos and read it for yourself.
Bauhaus split up, the Chameleons debut album Script of the Bridge is released with a review of a live show. 2 page features on Mark E Smith and Depeche Mode.
A review of Rochester NY native Lydia Lunch concert in Oslo and at the other end of the spectrum a 2 page spread on a mega show with U2, Simple Minds, The Eurythmics & Big Country.
Also a story on a new film staring David Bowie and Ryuichi Sakamoto (from Yellow Magic Orchestra) called Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence. 


History lesson for the week comes from The Aug 15, 1992 edition of Melody Maker.
27 years ago there was a 2 page spread on the 2nd annual Lollapalooza Festival. The lineup featured Red Hot Chili PeppersMinistry, Soundgarden, & Lush.
A great full page spread on the 12 albums the changed the life of SIOUXSIE (of Siouxsie, Banshees & Creatures )
There’s also a revue of David Bowie ‘s Tin Machine album Oy Vey Baby.
Plus the Indie album and singles charts.

Music Trivia


From August of 1988 issue #6 of Reflex magazine.  Issue includes Feature article with cover artist Wire promoting their new album “A Bell is a Cup ….”.

Also included is their music charts for radio airplay, retail sales and club play. The history of Devo and interview with new Icelandic sensation The Sugarcubes.

This issue included a limited edition double sided flexi disc with exclusive tracks from Devo and Colin Newman.


Music Trivia


From August of 1987 a short lived free entertainment paper from Toronto called “Nerve”. Check out 30 year old interviews with Andy Partridge from XTC. Echo & the Bunnymen, The Deadmilkmen.

Plus an advertisement to see New Order with Gene Loves Jezebel and Echo & The Bunnymen at CNE stadium. Also The Cult’s triumphant return to Toronto.

More shocking than the ticket prices starting at $17.50 (Canadian) is the service fee for the ticket BEING .25 !!!


Past Music Trivia Posts

Just over 36 years ago local Rochester NY newspaper The Democrat & Chronicle asked their readers “What’s the matter with kids Today” ? And the clear problem was this scourge on society called “New Wave Music”. A huge profile in the Sunday Paper supplement section “Upstate” from June 14, 1981. As you can see in this thorough investigation of to this strange new style of music, graphics and even more bizarre fashion, what possible hope could society have. As demonstrated by lyric excerpts from songs by The Ramones & The Dead Kennedys the youth of today is lost. The article features lots of local celebrities including Lisa Marcussi, Babs Gordon, Michael Swart, Duncan Walls, Joe Turri, Michael Houser “Nails Guile”, Plus Jeff Laben & Tim Schaffer of local band “The Cliches” and Roy Stein, Kevin Patrick and Chris Yackol of local band “New Math”. Also mentioned is some record store called “Lakeshore Record Exchange” (whatever that was).


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