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Trailer and Review of the new
Morrissey bio pic “England Is Mine”

We generally don’t like to be negative about things, but after watching the new bio pic on Morrissey called “England is Mine” it’s difficult not to be. The film is about a young Stephen Patrick Morrissey from his teens until he meets Johnny Marr and forms the Smiths in 1982. I can understand why you might want to see what the life of a young artist was like before they become famous. But when that person does almost nothing but mope, be depressed, complain about everything, have a negative attitude, be depressed some more and project an air of superciliousness. You’re left asking what was the point.

Lakeshore Record Exchange closed it’s retail store on Sept 2nd 2017. But we’ll still be promoting Alternative Music.

While we’ve closed the store, we’ll still be promoting the music we’ve always been passionate about. Radio will continue to play the most important Alternative Music from it’s origin up through to the present day. We’re still presenting our monthly film series at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. And we’ll continue to present live concerts as the opportunities arise.

Andrew Chinnici, President

Join us on March 22nd at 6:45 pm as we celebrate the life of Delores O’Riordan and St Patrick’s Day, with a presentation of The Cranberries Live in South America. Filmed during their greatest hits reunion tour. The band plays all the most loved songs for the first time after being split up for 7 years.

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