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Most recently played songs :

Radio Top 25 songs for the week ending July 13, 2018

1. Guided By Voices – Space Gun
2. Melody’s Echo Changer – Shirim
3. Interrobang – Based On A True Story
4. Deathrays DZ – Like People
5. Nine Inch Nails – Shit Mirror
6. Lali Puna – The Bucket
7. Parquet Courts – Almost Had To Start A Fight
8. Graham Coxon – Angry Me
9. Creepshow – Pink Squirrel
10. Little Comets – Common Things
11. Slug – Petulia
12. Mien – Odessey ** New Add to Rotation **
13. Go-Kart Motzart – When You’re Depressed
14. Claudia Brucken & Jerome Foese – Sweet Sense of Liberty ** New Add to Rotation **
15. Wild Beasts – Last Night All My Dreams Came True
16. Hookworms – Static
17. Nap Eyes – Hearing The Bass
18. Fizzy Blood – CFO
19. Mouse On Mars – Daylight ** New Add to Rotation **
20. Mr Fingers – Electron
21. Preoccupations – Decompose
22. Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbot – I Got Praise
23. Cornelius – Sometime / Someplace
24. Everything Is Recorded – Close But Not Quite
25. Electric Eye – Sometimes You Have To Jump To Lift Your Feet

Song of the Week for July 13, 2018

Canadians claim Song of the Week. Nap Eyes return with an ambitious, allusive third album that achieves a new sonic clarity, depth, and range to match the effortless melodies and extraordinary writing. It’s the band’s most transparent and personal set of songs to date, in which singer Nigel Chapman interrogates social, psychological, and spiritual milieus for clues about the elusive nature of knowledge. Should greatly interest fans of The Velvet Underground.

Music Trivia

40 years ago this month (June 2, 1978) Peter Gabriel’s second solo album was released. A hugely important record in sparking my passion for music. 
Here a few pieces of memorabilia from way back when. The first is a 30″ x 30″ retail promo poster for the album. The second is a full page add placed by Atlantic Records in Billboard magazine on the week the record came out. The third is a copy of a handwritten letter written by Peter to radio stations. Peter introduces himself, briefly explains the merits of the LP and politely asks for his record to be played on the radio. Classic stuff !

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