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Radio streams an expertly curated selection of the best alternative music from its origins up to today.
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Top 3 Records for the Week Ending 12/15/17

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Lakeshore Record Exchange closed it’s retail store on Sept 2nd 2017. But we’ll still be promoting Alternative Music.

While we’ve closed the store, we’ll still be promoting the music we’ve always been passionate about. Radio will continue to play the most important Alternative Music from it’s origin up through to the present day. We’re still presenting our monthly film series at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. And we’ll continue to present live concerts as the opportunities arise.

Andrew Chinnici, President

December 21st AMFS presents A holiday Mystery Film
Like all good holiday gifts, they remain a surprise until you open them. That’s why we’re keeping our December film a secret.
Take a break from your Making Plans For Noel  and join us to share the holiday spirit and eXTaCy.
Take some advice from the Three Wise Men and consider this your first Christmas present. Kind of like A Partridge in a pear tree.

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