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Radio Top 24 songs for the week ending Aug 10, 2018

1. Nine Inch Nails – Shit Mirror
2. Lali Puna – The Bucket
3. Mien – Odessey
4. Melody’s Echo Changer – Shirim
5. Guided By Voices – Space Gun
6. She Passed Away – SOLUKX
7. Parquet Courts – Almost Had To Start A Fight
8. Death From Above 1979 – All I C Is U & Me
9. Nap Eyes – Hearing The Bass
10. Orbital – P.H.U.K. ** New Add to Rotation **
11. Beach House – Tangerine ** New Add to Rotation **
12. Creepshow – Pink Squirrel
13. Deathrays DZ – Like People
14. Claudia Brucken & Jerome Foese – Sweet Sense of Liberty
15. She Passed Away – SOLUK
16. Real Estate – Darling ** New Add to Rotation **
17. Graham Coxon – Angry Me
18. Interrobang – Based On A True Story
19. Slug – Petulia
20. UNKLE – Be There (Live) ** New Add to Rotation **
21. Fizzy Blood – CFO
22. Little Comets – Common Things
23. Wild Beasts – Last Night All My Dreams Came True
24. Mr Fingers – Electron

Song of the Week for August 9, 2018

Our song of the week comes from (I think the first we picked) a Turkish band. They’re called “She Past Away” the song is called SOLUK. They’re clearly influenced by the first wave of Gothic bands from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Bauhaus comes to mind right off the bat, but they’ve definitely created a sound that is uniquely their own. You can learn more about the band on their website at

Music Trivia

History lesson for the week comes from The Aug 15, 1992 edition of Melody Maker.
27 years ago there was a 2 page spread on the 2nd annual Lollapalooza Festival. The lineup featured Red Hot Chili PeppersMinistry, Soundgarden, & Lush.
A great full page spread on the 12 albums the changed the life of SIOUXSIE (of Siouxsie, Banshees & Creatures )
There’s also a revue of David Bowie ‘s Tin Machine album Oy Vey Baby.
Plus the Indie album and singles charts.
Music Trivia


From August of 1988 issue #6 of Reflex magazine.  Issue includes Feature article with cover artist Wire promoting their new album “A Bell is a Cup ….”.

Also included is their music charts for radio airplay, retail sales and club play. The history of Devo and interview with new Icelandic sensation The Sugarcubes.

This issue included a limited edition double sided flexi disc with exclusive tracks from Devo and Colin Newman.


Music Trivia


From August of 1987 a short lived free entertainment paper from Toronto called “Nerve”. Check out 30 year old interviews with Andy Partridge from XTC. Echo & the Bunnymen, The Deadmilkmen.

Plus an advertisement to see New Order with Gene Loves Jezebel and Echo & The Bunnymen at CNE stadium. Also The Cult’s triumphant return to Toronto.

More shocking than the ticket prices starting at $17.50 (Canadian) is the service fee for the ticket BEING .25 !!!


Past Music Trivia Posts

Just over 36 years ago local Rochester NY newspaper The Democrat & Chronicle asked their readers “What’s the matter with kids Today” ? And the clear problem was this scourge on society called “New Wave Music”. A huge profile in the Sunday Paper supplement section “Upstate” from June 14, 1981. As you can see in this thorough investigation of to this strange new style of music, graphics and even more bizarre fashion, what possible hope could society have. As demonstrated by lyric excerpts from songs by The Ramones & The Dead Kennedys the youth of today is lost. The article features lots of local celebrities including Lisa Marcussi, Babs Gordon, Michael Swart, Duncan Walls, Joe Turri, Michael Houser “Nails Guile”, Plus Jeff Laben & Tim Schaffer of local band “The Cliches” and Roy Stein, Kevin Patrick and Chris Yackol of local band “New Math”. Also mentioned is some record store called “Lakeshore Record Exchange” (whatever that was).


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